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Linked location data, designed for developers

Our data is designed to be simple, clean and consistent – with complete location data all in one file so you or your developers don't spend hours coding laborious lookups, mappings or conversions. Every record contains mappings to postal town, county and country, plus accurate latitude–longitude and easting–northing coordinates. See the full database specifications.

Formatted for fast and easy use

Every download contains a range of common data formats, so you can get to work quickly and easily with the software of your choice. The formats included are:

  • SQL – Import scripts for standards-compliant databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and SQLite.
  • CSV – Straightforward CSV format, suitable for nearly all spreadsheet applications, GIS systems and programming languages.
  • XLS – Formatted specifically for Microsoft Excel (97 or later).

Reliable, comprehensive and up-to-date

You can have complete confidence in the quality and accuracy of our data. We use the latest official postcode information from the Royal Mail, combined with the latest geographical information from Ordnance Survey and the Office for National Statistics. It undergoes a complete refresh every quarter (the last refresh was on the ) and the data is fully tested before each release. Download a sample to try on your computer.

Open licensing

We understand that software developers and businesses need the freedom to work flexibly without being hindered by licence conditions.

  • You can use the data throughout your organisation – there is no cap on the number of users.
  • You can use the data on multiple computers, databases and devices.
  • The data is yours permanently – there are no expiry times or recurring renewal charges.

Please see the terms of use for complete licensing information.

Hundreds of UK businesses rely on our postcode list to power their websites and internal systems

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“I'm extremely impressed with the accuracy of your data and it is just what we were looking for. Everything's super accurate.”

– Richard Borchard @

“When was it last updated?” and other FAQs

How will I get the data?

Immediately after purchase you'll be taken to a webpage with a permanent link to download your data. We'll also email you a copy of the download link (along with a formal receipt) so you've always got access to the data.

Can I use the data commercially?

All our data comes with no ongoing fees and no time limits. With a "business" or "subscription" package you are free to use the data commercially and with an unlimited number of users and computers. Learn more about the licencing terms and conditions.

Does the database contain all postcodes?

Yes. It lists all 1,754,675 postcodes currently used by the Royal Mail, with no gaps in the data. Historical and obsolete postcodes are not listed. Location information is provided for all geographic postcodes – including postal town, county, country, easting-northing and latitude-longitude coordinates.

When was it last updated?

The last update was made on the . This release was a full quarterly refresh which introduced 4911 new Royal Mail postcodes and removed 4466 recently obsolete records.

Are future updates available?

Yes. With the subscription package you can download the data today, plus you'll get updates delivered straight to your email inbox every quarter for the next year.

What areas are covered?

All parts of the United Kingdom are covered, including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark).

Can I download a different sample?

Yes. If the standard sample data doesn't give you what you need please contact us to request a custom sample.